The puppet troupe was organized by Anany Badaev, art director of the Vologda Theatre for Youth,  in September, 1937. A. Badaev was a unique personality. Born in Moscow and graduated school-studio of the Moscow Art Academic Theatre he went to develop theatrical movement in the North of Russia. The Reward of the Vologda Section of the Russian Union of Theatre Workers for the best part in a puppet performance named after Anany Badaev by right.


The first producer of the theatre was an experienced actress-puppeteer from Leningrad -  Natalia Dyuperron


The actors Lidia Dyomina, Vera Osovskaya, Maria Volkova, Ivan Shabalin sculpted, sewed and painted puppets and sceneries, rehearsed a lot and very soon, in November, they showed the first performance ďA GoslingĒ created by N. Gernetís play. The theatre was born!


Lidia Tikhonovna Dyomina worked with A. Badaev and played on the stage ofthe Vologda Theatre for Youth. Small Vologda children saw a lot of funny performances staged by L. Dyomina. Young actors were grateful to her for her support and encouragement.


Vera Osovskaya was a young girl when she came to work at the theatre. She found her vocation here for being an actress and pedagogue. All her life she was faithful to puppets.



Nina Vasilievna and Boris Alexandrovich Bahtenko, a famous actor couple, worked at the theatre for forty years. Old generation of Vologda spectators surely remember and know them well.